The Abbey of Sant’Urbano is located in the center of the San Clemente Valley. A secret valley, rich in history and treasures, which goes from the Vallesina to Mount San Vicino.
Valle San Clemente mappa

Straddling the provinces of Ancona and Macerata, the San Clemente Valley extends along the course of the Esinante river, a tributary of the Esino, from the Abbey of Sant’Elena to Isola in the municipality of San Severino, where the small Romanesque church of San Clemente, fourth Roman pope, from which the valley takes its name.

In the early Middle Ages, this Valley came to have a considerable importance for the fertility of its soils, for its mild climate, for the abundance of water and above all for the safety of its roads: in fact, thanks to the garrison of the countless Lombard towers and fortified castles this road was less infested by brigands and preferred for crossing from Rome to the Adriatic. St. Francis himself passed right here on the way to embark for the Holy Land.

A project for rural innovation

In this area, the Municipality of Apiro and the Loccioni company have launched a public-private project to enhance the historical, cultural, artistic, naturalistic and agricultural heritage of the valley.

Starting from the values of the land, from the local agricultural tradition, from the geology, from the specificity of the soil and subsoil, a reference model is outlined for the enhancement of rural areas.

The agriculture of the future, data science, robotics and interconnected systems, the internet of things and the new digital craftsmanship, sustainability and quality of life are the ideas with which to restore work and vitality to rural areas.

Based in Sant’Urbano there are many excursions, on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, which can be done within a few kilometers and there are various cultural, eno-gastronomic and naturalistic treasures that can be discovered.